11 Great ‘Green Living’ Resources

When you want to make the move to a more a “green” lifestyle, it’s difficult to know where to start. But there are a lot of great resources available online that can help point you in the right direction. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Green Living Online

Green Living Online is a great resource for “a healthier you, a healthier planet”. With recipes, home and garden tips, natural health, beauty and fashion, eco-friendly travel options, and recommended green products, it’s a one-stop shop for anyone looking to make healthier choices in their life. They’re even a Founding member of the B Corporation, a global community of people using businesses as a source for good.


TreeHugger describes itself as a leading media outlet for green news, solutions, and product information. With regularly scheduled blog posts and newsletters, TreeHugger is focusing on “driving sustainability mainstream”. With broad categories like cars, animals, science, technology, business, design and living, they truly have a topic for everyone.


Grist is an online news organization that uses a little bit of humour to tackle tough topics on the environment, climate and sustainability. As they detail on their site “Our independent, nonprofit newsroom pursues in-depth stories on under-covered topics like clean energy, sustainable food, livable cities, environmental justice, and a better economy. We elevate solutions, expose inequity, and give our readers the context, knowledge, and tools to make a difference.”

The Daily Green

Good Housekeeping’s The Daily Green is an email newsletter that offers environmental tips and recipes, delivered right to your inbox, every day. It’s a great way to stay up to date in the world of green living.


Goodnet connects people around the world with opportunities for doing good. From volunteering, charity work, microfunding and creativity to green tech, water conservation, collaborative consumption and mindful living, it’s a network that empowers users to independently take positive action and amplify their goodness.


A brand of Huffington Post, Ecofabulous is dedicated to sustainable fashion. Check out their posts on organic and eco-friendly beauty products, being an earth-friendly “fashionista”, going green for your wedding day, and raising zero-waste babies.

Green Choices

Green Choices is about the choices we can make in our everyday lives to protect our environment, for the benefit of all. They aim to empower readers with simple, direct information on green alternatives which make a real, lasting difference. Check out their Eco Shops section for a directory of eco-friendly suppliers.

The Chalkboard

The Chalkboard Mag is a guide to living well, and curates the best of what is happening in nutrition, alternative health, non-toxic living, fitness and all-natural beauty. It’s a great resource for those wanting to balance ‘chic’ with health and wellness.


Inhabitat is a green design and lifestyle site that provides coverage of environmental news and the latest in sustainable design. Their website is devoted to the future of design, innovative technology and any architectural projects or concepts that emphasize energy efficiency, sustainability and connection to the surrounding environment.

Jetson Green

Jetson Green is a design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials and green technology. Focusing on design, smart and eco-friendly construction, resource conservation, energy efficiency, water savings, healthy air, green technology, and renewable energy. As their site says, whether you are an owner, renter, designer, builder, entrepreneur, or developer, you will find case studies, product profiles, book reviews, news updates, and opinion articles to help you enhance your home in an eco-friendly way.


This site is super valuable for anyone building, renovating or looking to make eco-friendly improvements to their home. While not solely focused on environmental design, they definitely offer a lot of resources and ideas for those who wish to pursue that.

The best way to move towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle is one step at a time. It can start with something as easy as making the switch to more natural or sustainable cleaning products or recycling or composting waste in your home. The important part is that you take the first step. Hopefully these resources will help point you in the right direction towards a happier and healthier you, and a happier and healthier planet!

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