5 Natural Beauty Blogs to Help You Go Green in Your Make-up & Beauty Routine

New Year, New You, right? In the spirit of improving your self-care in 2019, you should also be taking a stronger look at the products you’re using on your skin and hair. It’s concerning how many toxic ingredients are in our regular beauty and skincare products, even though they are known to be linked to cancer, organ failure or hormonal imbalances. These ingredients can prove to be detrimental not only to our health, but to the environment as well.

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to pay more attention to what you’re putting on your skin; these natural beauty blogs can give you some great tips to get started.

The Clean Beauty Blog

The Clean Beauty Blog is about beauty at its purest. It’s about products without the parabens, without the fillers, and without the synthetic chemicals. It’s about makeup and skincare that is good for you (i.e. works!), good for your health, and good for the environment.

The Clean Beauty Blog was created to fill a gap in the beauty blogosphere: it fuses the wholesome ethos of wellness blogs and natural & organic beauty sites with the sophistication, style and trend-based focus of conventional beauty websites and magazines. The blog features products ranging from health food shops to luxury cosmetics and skincare, and includes news, reviews, how-tos and trend spotting (via the Clean Beauty Blog).

Living Pretty Naturally

Living Pretty Naturally is a “natural beauty & wellness blog. This is your source to natural cosmetics & beauty product reviews, healthy hints, beauty-enhancing recipes, eco-beauty lifestyle tricks, natural health information, yoga and much more.”

Kate’s childhood with a “natural” mother and an inquisitive personality lead to her start questioning the products that she was putting on her skin, and she wanted a place to share everything she learned. Her Living Pretty Naturally blog covers reviews and posts about natural skin and beauty products, as well as food, nutrition and overall wellness relating to fitness, travel and home.

The Glamorganic Goddess

The Glamorganic Goddess is your source for the latest clean beauty tips, natural + organic product reviews + healthy lifestyle how-to’s… from a sassy, young Breast Cancer Survivor with a passion for prevention. Find healthy beauty products without carcinogens, + without sacrificing your standards (via the Glamorganic Goddess).

Danielle’s blog is full of product reviews (skin, hair, nails, makeup, and brands) and she has put together an awesome Beginners Guide to Clean Beauty that provides you with some great resources to “score” your current skincare and beauty products and help you decide which are safe to keep and which you should replace with healthier, safer, more natural versions.

Organic Beauty Blogger

Inga started this blog a few years ago as she wanted a “place where she could share her thoughts about green beauty products” and wanted to connect with like-minded people.

Broken into categories like home, beauty and lifestyle, Inga’s blog is simple, classy and offers everything from reviews to product suggestions to help you make the healthiest and most natural beauty product choices.

The Natural Junkie

The Natural Junkie was created for women who love beauty products but are concerned about the alarming number of toxic chemicals in them. Jules wanted to eliminate the myth that green beauty products are only used by granola eating tree huggers. You can be a girly, Natural Junkie like Jules and live a beautiful and toxic free life! This blog is a source for trustworthy vegan beauty product reviews, natural beauty recipes, tips on living a healthy and active lifestyle, general information on heath, and much much more (via The Natural Junkie).

Making the switch to a natural and eco-friendly lifestyle can start with something as simple as changing the mascara or shampoo that you use. What matters is that you take the first step, and you’ll eventually reap the benefits with a healthier body and a healthier world to live in.

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