natura solutions covid-19 response

Natura Solutions COVID-19 Response

This current situation with Covid-19 is troubling for all of us and at Natura Solutions we want our customers to know that our Covid-19 response includes producing a new line of effective antibacterial products with the natural disinfecting power of Hydro-Nanon™ Silver for your homes and businesses, and we have not changed our pricing as demand has increased. In fact, shortly before the pandemic was announced, we reduced our prices.

We were designated an essential service, and have been working hard to get our products into our customers hands, despite some supply chain obstacles and high demand.  We have also retooled to provide new products necessary during this global pandemic, including our new Antiseptic Hand Cleanser in 8oz and 13oz sizes.

If there’s good that comes out of a global emergency , it is the world uniting to do the next right thing. Hopefully that will be a
change that sticks with us all as we come out the other side of this. Our hope is that we can all learn to take better care of
mankind and of our planet. Every small step toward cleaner healthier living, is a step in the right direction. It is our goal to
make it affordable for everyone to use our enzymatic cleaning products.

At Natura, we’re clean freaks with a background in the medical industry. Our founder, Robert, developed several enzyme based
solutions that are widely used in hospitals in North America, Australia, and the European Union. Our personal and company
values are reflected in the quality of our products and our transparency with ingredients, packaging, and manufacturing

Our mission is to deliver planet friendly products made with thoughtfully derived ingredients that work great and align with
our desire to live with a light footprint. Our cleaning solutions make you feel good about cleaning, while leaving you with a clean

Natura Solutions provides effective and non-toxic cleaning products for household and commercial applications. All of our
products are biodegradable, PH-neutral, and are a safer choice for our loved ones, our pets, and the environment. We supplement our plant based enzyme blends with natural surfactants so our products can handle the full range of cleaning tasks without compromising the biosphere.

Your best source of information on the national COVID-19 response in Canada can be found on the Government of Canada website.