Biodegradable Degreaser


This Natural Enzyme Degreaser is a safe and effective way to clean bacon grease, BBQ’s, hood vents and any other fatty deposits in the kitchen! Enzymes turn insoluble fats into water soluble molecules, lifting them off the surface, making it easy to clean.

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Detailed Description

- Concentrated Enzymatic Solution breaks down grease, making it water soluble
- Excellent for grease traps & BBQs
- Powerful natural enzyme solution leaves no residue, or hazardous chemicals on cooking surfaces
- Powerful - Destroys waste; fats, oils and grease
- pH Neutral
- Safe - for storage
- Non-Corrosive
- Environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution


1) Aim nozzle at the offending grease deposit
2) Use trigger sprayer to disperse enzyme concentrate over the entire area
3) Allow 5-10 minutes for active enzyme solution to break down the grease
4) Use paper towel and warm water to wash the surface
*For built up grease deposits, this process may need to be repeated*


Contents – 8oz, (236mls) of concentrated enzyme solution
Storage – Keep at room temperature.
Safety – Non-toxic, however may cause irritation if it makes contact with the eyes. In such event, rinse with cold water until irritation is resolved.
Ingredients – Enzymes & sterile water

Additional information

Weight .275 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 19.5 cm


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