Super-Concentrated Multi-Tiered Enzymatic Solution

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Low Foam Enzymatic Super-Concentrate

  • Natural formula that uses plant-based enzymes to break down organic material and wash it away
  • Ideal for tackling bioburden on scopes and post-op equipment
  • Super-concentrated solution means less packaging waste and more storage space
  • No chemical odor or residue


You have a choice when it comes to purchasing cleaning supplies for your business. Why not choose cleaners that are eco-friendly and non-toxic but just as effective at getting the job done? Our products are FDA and Health Canada approved and will clean your equipment safely without damaging them. Order online and try our enzymatic commercial cleaner today!



  • One Gallon (3.785 liters) of concentrated enzyme solution
  • Dilute ¼ ounce to a gallon of water
  • Biodegradable

Additional information

Weight 4.01 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30.5 cm

Detailed Description

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This solution can tackle all varieties of organic bio-burden


1) Dilute one quarter once of concentrate to a gallon of warm water
2) Apply to surface, and allow 5-10 minutes for the active enzymes to do their thing


– Contents: One gallon, 3.785 ltrs of super-concentrated enzyme solution
– Storage – Keep at room temperature. 
– Safety – Non-toxic, however may cause irritation if it makes contact with the eyes. In such event, rinse with cold water until irritation is resolved. 
– Dimensions – Height – 30cms, Diameter 15cms
– Ingredients – Sterile water, plant-based enzyme blend & natural surfactants


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