Super-Concentrated Enzymatic Brewery Cleaner


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Detailed Description

Ideal for cleaning professional and homebrew equipment
Removes build up, without damaging equipment and surfaces.
Ph Neutral
Fast Acting
Low Foaming
Breaks down the particulate in waste water as well, making disposal easy


1) Dilute 2-4oz of solution per gallon of water 2) Circulate through tanks and hoses for ~15 minutes, giving enzymes time to work
3) Rinse away cleaning solution and sterilize equipment as usual


Contents: One gallon, (3.785 ltrs) of super-concentrated enzyme solution
Storage – Keep at room temperature.
Safety – Non-toxic, however may cause irritation if it makes contact with the eyes. In such event, rinse with cold water until irritation is resolved.
Ingredients – Sterile water, plant-based enzyme blend & natural surfactants

Additional information

Weight 4.01 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30.5 cm


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