I recently purchased a bottle of the Natura Cleaner all-in-one disinfectant spray and am very impressed with the results. I neglected to clean my shower for a period of time that led to build of mildew and a small amount of mould in some of the hard to reach places. Initially I attempted to clean the area with bleach, which was affective but not satisfactory.

What I appreciate greatly about this product is the small number of ingredients and the environmentally friendly nature of the enzymatic based cleaner with the additionally disinfecting properties of the Hydrogen Peroxide and Nanon-silver. I applied the product to the shower floor and walls and followed the instructions on the bottle label and the results exceeded my expectation. The shower floor came out so clean it practically looks brand new, like there is new tiling. It was equally affective on the handles and shower head. Since cleaning the shower has been resistant to re-accumulation of dirt/contamination and is clear that the product maintains a resistance to build up of the grime left behind by stagnant water and residues.

After seeing the result I immediately ordered more of the product online for my own use and to share with friends for their cleaning solutions. While I made an error with the ordering, Jennifer was prompt to get in touch with me to resolve the situation and the process was seamless. I am looking forward to receiving the shipment of the products.

Thank you for developing a very effective product with a responsibility to environmental impact and for the excellent customer service.

- Chris
York, ON
April 2020

Great products! I came across your disinfectant wipes and All-In-One spray at Choices Market, and although I am not a big fan of wipes I thought I'd give them a try on my bathroom sink. They did a fantastic job! The sink was spotless, shiny and smelled just lovely. I went back for more but they were sold out, so I grabbed your All-in-one spray. No surprise, it also did a great job. I see you sell at Welk's as well, so I will look there for more.

Good work! You've got yourself a new customer.

- Margaret
Vancouver, BC
May 2020