Natura Solutions Earth Day 2020

The Planet is Healing – Earth Day 2020

Since 1970, every April 22, the world is invited to celebrate environmental protection and preservation of the planet.  We are reminded that we are dependent on the health of the planet for our survival, and of our responsibility to take better care of it.  This is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and it’s an unprecedented time of healing for the planet.

The global economy has experienced a massive shutdown resulting in a dramatic reduction in industrial pollution around the world. It’s sad commentary that it took a global pandemic to show us what the world could look like if we reduced pollution, but we do need to take notice and be sure that we don’t immediately reverse this when the recession is over.

In the midst of the Pandemic, we’re desperately in need of good news.  Earth Day gave us a reason to share some good things we’ve seen in the media lately:

Air Pollution has been significantly reduced in many cities because lockdowns have almost completely shut down traffic.  It’s not just vehicle traffic on the ground contributing to the lowering of emissions, air travel has all but stopped too.

Check out this beautiful video produced for Earth Day by the European Space Agency.

People are reconnecting with nature.  With free time on their hands, families are practicing social distancing outdoors, riding bikes, hiking, and planting gardens.  Not only great for our health and fitness, this is also strengthening the family connections.

The weather is improving and people are looking forward to summer and hoping they will be able to do some of their favorite outdoor activities like camping and hiking.  We may need to figure out ways to do the things we enjoy while staying safe and isolated.

“Many Countries, including China, the United States, and Italy saw 30-40% decreases in N02 levels after lockdown compared to the same period in previous year. However data from Wuhan shows that N02 levels will likely rise again once restrictions are lifted.”  NASA

Traffic has dropped dramatically in the world’s busiest cities.  People have realized that they can work from home, so hopefully traffic won’t rebound quickly, especially because people will likely be very hesitant to use transit or carpool because of the need to social distance.

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