Try Me #1 – Natural Enzyme Odor Eliminator

This series is going to explain how Natura’s Natural Enzyme products tackle all varieties of cleaning jobs. Our products offer great versatility and have proven to be effective across many applications, including handling some of the most unpleasant, or unmentionable household cleaning issues.

Dishwasher Odor Remedy

Let’s be honest – for those of us who use the dishwasher, but don’t need to run it daily, there can be an unpleasant odor that builds up over time. Whether it’s from milk in the cereal bowl, or the remnants of cat food in the dish, etc. I almost ran my dishwasher this morning with just a handful of plates inside, because it smelled like kimchi when I opened the door to put my coffee mug inside.

Instead, I pulled out my Natura Solutions Natural Enzyme Odor Eliminator and gave it a quick spray. I sprayed the upper shelf twice, the lower shelf twice and the door once for good measure, then I closed it up and forgot about it. The next time I opened it up, there was no noticeable smell. Problem solved. If this is an issue for you too – give it a try!

How it works

This potent Natural Enzyme Odor Eliminator breaks down odor causing bacteria and organics. Our solution is non-toxic, biodegradable and leaves no lingering perfume fragrance behind. It is safe to use on fabrics or hard surfaces and around kids and pets. When you first spray it, there is a very mild natural aroma from .01% tangerine essential oil, that dissipates once it dries. This versatile product is extremely effective at tackling all kinds of unpleasant household odors including: compost bins, bathroom waste bins, pet odors, gym bags, running shoes, musty tents, diaper disposals, litter boxes, lingering food smells, etc.