Try Me #2 – Natural Enzyme Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes for Yoga Mats

Your yoga mat is a little oasis. It is a place that you can go to slow down and focus on your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Your mat is all that you need to support you – literally and figuratively – and it doesn’t need a heck of a lot in return.

The Issue

All you need to do is give it a quick wipe it down at the end of class, with a non-toxic solution to remove body oils, sweat and bacteria so that the next time you roll it out, it is odorless and you don’t find yourself sliding all over the place. Easy peasy… right? Not always. You want to make sure that whatever cleaning solution you use won’t cause irritation to your skin the next time you lay your cheek down on it and you also don’t want anything that could damage the mat’s surface and cause it to flake or become slick.

The Solution

We’ve found a quick, easy and effective solution – Natura Solutions Natural Enzyme Cleaning wipes do just the trick! With a hint of calming eucalyptus essential oil that dissipates when it dries, these wipes are perfectly suited for eco-conscious yogis.

How it Works

Our biodegradable, non-toxic, active enzyme solution breaks down unwanted bacteria, oils and organics, making it easy for our bamboo wipes to remove. Simply pull out a sheet, give your mat a once over and then toss the soiled wipe in the compost bin. **Please do not throw them in the toilet! Compostable wipes don’t break down as fast as toilet paper, so they can clog the sewer system.**

Our Natural Enzyme Cleaning Wipes offer great utility and versatility! Using them, you can: prevent cross-contamination from used rags and sponges, avoid using harmful chemicals such as bleach, clean up small spills quickly and easily, divert waste to the composter, take the travel wipes with you to wipe up the spilled coffee in your car… or the unknown sticky substance on the armrest of your plane’s seat, etc.