Why Is An Enzymatic Cleaner Best For Your Home?

One of the biggest questions we get is: why is an enzymatic cleaner better to use in your home than any of the conventional alternatives? This is one of our favorite questions, because there are so many amazing reasons to use all-natural, non-toxic enzymatic cleaners over conventional household cleaning products. Let’s get started!

  • Enzymatic cleaners don’t linger.

Unlike conventional cleaners that leave residues, fragrances, sometimes even oil slicks and sticky substances behind, enzymatic cleaners break down after they are done cleaning, rinsing away completely and leaving nothing behind except clean clothing, surfaces and more. 

  • They clean extremely well.

Enzymatic cleaners provide catalysts for cleaning that make them highly effective. The enzymes actually bond with different fats, proteins and other substances within stains and spills, effectively neutralizing them completely before being washed away. 

  • They don’t cause any harm to your family.

Babies, children, adults and our furry family members alike are all safe around enzymatic cleaners. They don’t contain any harsh or toxic chemicals, so anyone can be safely exposed to them without incurring any severe side effects or other problems.

  • They’re completely biodegradable.

Because enzymatic cleaners work as catalysts that neutralize the stains, spills and messes they come into contact with, they don’t leave any toxic residues behind to pollute the environment. All that is left is a gentle, completely neutral compound that rinses or wipes away easily.

  • They’re non-toxic. 

Enzymatic cleaners only contain enzymes, and only catalyze with other chemicals to produce neutral compounds, there is absolutely nothing about their use that is toxic to you, your family, or the environment. Enzymatic cleaners are in fact the ultimate eco-friendly cleaner.

  • “Residual cleaning” is performed by enzymatic cleaners

Because enzymatic cleaners use a chemical reaction to bond and neutralize what they come into contact with, they will actually continue to clean in the area they’re used after their initial application, if there are any unwanted soils left over in the area they were used (due to incomplete scrubbing or improper wiping), the enzymatic cleaners will continue to catalyze and neutralize those elements. This is known as “residual cleaning”.

  • Conventional cleaners do, in fact, use enzymatic cleaners

More and more, the trend in cleaning products is going green, so many conventional cleaning product manufacturers are stepping up their game and adding enzymatic cleaners to conventional cleaners to increase their effectiveness and their carbon footprint. 

All this time we’ve been referring to cleaners other than enzymatic cleaners as “conventional” cleaners, and you might be wondering, what’s so bad about them? Here are a few reasons you might consider prioritizing enzymatic over conventional cleaners:


  • Conventional cleaners contain chemicals that can be tough on tender, sensitive or allergic skin. Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a condition experienced by over 10% of Americans (including the person writing this post!) and it is particularly aggravated by harsh cleaning and laundry components such as fragrances and sulfates.

  • Conventional cleaners can be deadly. Those same chemicals that work great on a grease stain can wreak havoc on your insides, and poisoning is still very much a problem in American households. You simply don’t run the same kinds of risks with non-toxic enzymatic cleaners as you do with conventional cleaners.

  • They’re bad for the environment. Conventional cleaners contain lots of chemicals that may harm the environment; their residues and fragrances also are generally not particularly environmentally-friendly. With so many other industries undergoing a green revolution, it’s high time that manufacturers of conventional cleaners stepped up to the plate, too.

Fortunately, at Natura Solutions, we have all of the environmentally-friendly, enzyme-based, alternative cleaning products you need to make cleaning up around your home or business safe. Our non-toxic solutions are built for use by anyone. Contact us for more information or check out our online store to order yours today!