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Why Should You Use An Enzymatic Window Cleaner?

Enzymatic cleaners are an amazing alternative to conventional cleaners for a number of reasons. They’re effective, safe, all-natural and great for the environment. They don’t put harsh chemicals into the air in your home, into the waterways, or into the atmosphere. They work extremely well. 


A lot of people wonder if it’s really important to replace all cleaning products with eco-friendly, enzymatic cleaners. At Natura Solutions, we believe it’s the best thing you can possibly do for your health, that of your family, and the environment in and outside of your home. Using an enzymatic glass cleaner, as opposed to a conventional one, is a great example.

Enzymatic Window Cleaner


Why should you use an enzymatic glass cleaner instead of a conventional one? You just spray it on the glass, then you wipe it off. It’s no big deal, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. When you spray conventional glass cleaner, you’re introducing the aerosolized cleaner into the air around you as well as the glass it comes into contact with. Microscopic droplets can then be inhaled by you or your family members. 


When you use an eco-friendly enzymatic cleaner, this is no big deal, because they are non-toxic. The enzymes in the cleaner don’t react with anything in your body to damage or injure any tissues, so coming into contact with them — even with extremely delicate lung tissue — won’t impact your health and well-being, or that of your family. Additionally, using them outside is just fine as well, because the cleaner is also non-toxic to the environment.  


Conventional Glass Cleaners


Conventional glass cleaners, unfortunately, are another story altogether. One popular conventional glass cleaner is a fairly strong base with a pH of 10.7. This is due to the fact that it uses primarily ammonia as its cleaning agent. While ammonia is well-known for its cleaning properties, it is also highly toxic to humans and animals alike and can turn into a lethal gas if mixed with other household chemicals. Just imagine what it could do if you inhaled the aerosolized spray from that when you go to clean a glass surface!


Furthermore, the cleaners often leave behind strong residues. These residues can be rinsed off by rain or when you wash your house’s windows, introducing them into the environment around you. Or they can be picked up by little hands (or big ones!) trailing across a recently-cleaned surface. These residues, because of their harsh base chemicals, can cause injury to the skin, eyes, mucous membranes and more. For the health of your family, we implore you to consider using an enzymatic cleaner.


How Enzymes Work…And Why They’re Better


Enzymes, on the other hand, are catalysts for chemical reactions that work by reacting with proteins, fats and other components of stains and spills. Our enzymatic glass cleaner is further formulated to give a streak-free shine, just like the other guys. We simply use better ingredients that clean without harsh chemicals and use naturally occurring reactions that dissolve into neutral properties once their reactions are finished. That’s it! We make cleaning not only easy but safe for you and your woman cleaning glass top table with enzymatic window cleanerfamily. 


Why Natura Solutions


If you’re looking for a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional glass cleaners, look no further than Natura Solutions’ Enzymatic Window Cleaner. You’ll get a great shine, a streak-free finish, and none of the chemicals into the air or residues left behind to get on little hands (or big ones!). You’ll also be doing your part to keep the environment safe and keep harmful, highly basic chemical residues and components of these cleaners out of our air, water and soil. With enzymatic cleaners, you always end up on the winning team.